Sunday, January 25, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives - Week of January 26th - dissolving creative boundaries

Monday's void Taurus Moon says roll up your sleeves and get your work done early! Then take the rest of the day off! A Taurus Moon loves comfort and ease, so if you need to make some real headway on a project keep your to-do list visible and hold yourself accountable to it.

On Tuesday, Venus joins Mars in dreamy Pisces and our attraction will be to gentler people and places - I'm thinking warm jammies and mac and cheese - we are expecting a blizzard. 

In Pisces our Venus ruled love, money and values drift past all boundaries. The sky truly is the limit! Where is Pisces in your natal chart? Sun sign Pisces will be especially attractive and we will all fall in love with something or someone, maybe for the second time, we are in a "re-do" period!

This is an excellent placement for creative work - just avoid as many escapist distractions, ie the warm jammies and mac and cheese, as possible - and we have this aspect until February 20th. Use it well - just remember the same energy that powers our amazing and imaginative work also powers illusions that we are doing amazing and imaginative work. Ack! Stay grounded. Don't bet the farm.

Venus will square Saturn from Wednesday until Saturday. 

This can bring disappointment - somehow our dream (love, money, our values) is delayed or restricted. 

Remember it's Saturn’s job to clarify and redirect our focus, so we can work with what has real potential for us and so we can get about doing the work we came to do.

There is fate (this doesn't have to be a bad word - it is only our obsession with control and our lack of trust that makes it so) that is predetermined - it serves as the vessel and structure through which our free will destiny is fulfilled and contained. With Saturn, it is safe to assume delays, restrictions and even endings are fated. We work with this best by acknowledging our limits and responsibilities.

Later this week, Mars (action, drive, aggression) conjuncts Chiron (our deep wounding). When these two jam together in uber sensitive Pisces - getting bruised and battered or bruising and battering others is likely. Somebody's going to be crying this week, probably a whole lot of somebodies.

This aspect strokes our wounded masculine - in women this is often wounded assertiveness. This may manifest as an inability to stand up for ourselves or with us confusing assertiveness with aggression and taking things too far. There could be some inability to be direct. Not knowing how to stop doing, running ourselves ragged and being busy, busy, busy are all ways this stuff could show up for us now.

Some keys to working with this aspect will be:

expressing anger and force in healthy ways,
going after what we really want even if it pisses other people off,  
recognizing that we may be attracting people into our life who reflect our own unexpressed rage,
learning how to defend ourselves,
asking ourselves what are we really trying to prove or win

Also, Chiron (king of the centaurs) was shot in the foot so we need to be careful with our feet this week and since the arrow was poisoned - we need to be thinking about what we are ingesting.
At the end of the week, our Sun conjuncts Mercury which is retrograde in Aquarius, so whatever Mercury's reversed motion is about for us in terms of the "re's - revising, relooking, reinventing" etc, will get some needed sunlight - it will most likely be something unanticipated. 

I am starting a new series this week about working with our limiting beliefs - watch for it! xo all

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I know the captain always goes down with her ship but maybe the ship doesn't have to go down with the captain ....

finch and hare card
It's a good idea to have procedures in place for our businesses in case of an emergency. Start with something simple.

Make a list of email addresses, accounts, passwords, automatic message responses, phone forwarding or remote phone message access - whatever someone else would need to know to take care of, postpone, cancel or dial things down for us if necessary.

Use my emergency procedure form to get started. You can decide how detailed you need this to be.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Jan 21-Feb 11, 2015

All the Mercury Retrogrades in 2015 will be in air signs.

This means they will be more about communication breaking down than actual appliances. This month it's in Aquarius and Aquarius rules the internet, so computers, cell phones (I dropped mine yesterday and shattered the screen), Kindles, etc are fair game.

It's important to relook at emails before hitting send, review materials being submitted to clients and bosses, rethink that thing we are about to say that might hurt someone's feelings - you get the idea.

The "re's" rule now. Life is giving us permission to regroup - let's take it.

(the biggest no-no is signing a contract now - postpone these kind of iron clad commitments because we will want to revise things later and this might not be possible)

Was planning to write more - but I am down with the stomach flu - be back soon! xo (through one of those biohazard masks, of course) all

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius - January 20th, 2015 - Reinventing the "flock"

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Today the Capricorn Sun passes the baton to Aquarius - OK, we've done the work - now let's make it work for all of us.

The Sun moves into Aquarius and the Moon follows.

This is the 4th zero degree New Moon since November. This means we move through the entire 30 degree cycle of Aquarius in 30 days, just as we did with Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio. This makes the whole month a bit more intense and emotional, especially for Aquarius renowned for her detachment. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ALL ABOARD the train leaves the station! uh, sort of ... Astrology Forecast for Creatives - Week of January 19th -

say hey crystal photos
I am going to nix the daily reports in favor of weekly

(although this week I will pop back in with the New Moon & Mercury Retrograde posts)

to get back on track with the goals for my jewelry business and my meditation practice and I've got some business stuff I want to write.

Once I write the daily forecast my brain goes, "OK, writing's done" - it's like a switch I can't flip back and I can't write anything else. Even my to-do lists have been all in my head - a very precarious place for anything these days. I think the weeklys will be better for planning and manifesting anyway.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Is this procrastination or preparation? - Astrology for Creatives, Friday January 16th

I received two promotional emails yesterday from coach bloggers about how to stop procrastinating. I guess they are hearing from people who are having trouble getting $hit done.

This is perfectly normal because 1. it's not really the new year until spring, most of us are still kind of hibernating and 2. the astrology has felt like we are driving our car with the parking brake engaged PLUS we are in the waning crescent moon phase and 3. baby, it's cold outside

(and now I am thinking about Bill Cosby - that song has been ruined for me forever)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

TOGETHER is Where the Magic Lives - Astrology for Creative People - Thursday, January 15th, 2015

We have the Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo - we need to teach, but also to preach now. With Mercury in Aquarius and preparing to go retrograde - the same old thing will fall on tired ears. This is a great day for productive work!

We still have Mars (in Pisces) square Saturn (in Sagittarius) - think about what happens when a rock is thrown into still water. The water is affected and continues to move long after the stone has landed. Impact can be made by being like that stone now. Saturn is nothing if not patient.