Sunday, July 5, 2015


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend - I did, but now need to play catch-up. How is it always Sunday night? Going to be late with the creative forecast - a heads up that the week could be a wee bit challenging.

We have Venus building to a square with Saturn this week - asking us "is this what you really love?" - we also have a lot of Cancer stuff (home, family, renovations, security) preparing us for the New Moon in Cancer next week.

Conversations and communications are going to get more emotional when Mercury goes into Cancer mid-week.

Back tomorrow night with more info - with any luck! xo all

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy FULL MOON Day to Jumpstart July!

Tonight we have the Full Moon in Capricorn I wrote about in my last post Astrology Forecast for Creatives HERE

Spend time outdoors today, tonight and tomorrow!

We also have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo (where is Leo 22 degrees in your chart?) - we could see them a couple days ago here. We have clouds today but maybe you can see everything where you are. Even if they are not visible be assured they are still out there doing their thing!

We start July with a Full Moon and we will end July with another one - making this a very emotional month!

Remember Full Moon's illuminate and throw light into hidden corners. With the Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Leo the spaces in our life we are making choices out of love (Venus, Leo) are going to expand (Jupiter) now. The spaces where we are denying our passion and stepping back from our personal power and responsibility because of fear will be revealed to us, too.

If our life energy is locked in an unconscious fear pattern we will continually self sabotage in order to stay safe. Know that whatever shows up for us now is what we need to work through to evolve. We need to be patient with ourselves and with life. July is going to be a time of preparation.

xo all

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